Sunday, September 2, 2012

Duty to Learn & Act- Social Justice Part 1

Technology plays a significant role in the lives of our students now and certainly in their future. It is a resource which has opened doors which had remained shut for many years. So many were left in silence because we were not able to figure out how to enable all of their abilities so that they could share their ideas and insights as well as live in a world that should have always been made available to them. The point of the conversation is that as teachers, family members and professionals we have a duty to remain up-to-date on the low and high technology available. In the first free election in Afghanistan, symbols were used to assist in voting because the majority of the population was unable to read. This provided greater accessibility to the voting process and allowed many to exercise their newly formed rights. As we get closer to the elections in the United States, I wonder how many symbols will be present on the ballots. We hear about making sure voters are registered. The two predominant parties spend a lot of time working on this. Why are we not also making sure that the voting process itself is accessible? There are still many Americans who cannot functionally read. This is an issue which needs to continue to be addressed. That being said, everyone still has the right to be informed about the candidates and have an accessible ballot. I would suggest one that is more universally designed so that one does not have to be embarrassed to ask for a symbol supported ballot. This is easy to do. Some may already use pictures and symbols. We need to make sure all citizens who wish to vote can physically access the voting sites and understand or are supported in making the selection using an accessible ballot for the individual(s) they wish to elect.

Here is a great resource on technology, please share it with people you know.

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