Saturday, December 8, 2012

Helping To Ensure Equal Access to Education

Helping To Ensure Equal Access to Education  is a report covering the years 2009-present by the Federal Office of Civil Rights. The report is quite long; however there are some key pieces you may want to look at. First, the Office of Civil Rights has engaged in proactive investigations to address systematic issues of discrimination. It is also looking more closely at bullying and harassment in both K-12 schools and colleges. There is a section on accessibility of technology which has improved but still remains a significant barrier in some places. At issue is access to electronic readers. OCR in collaboration with the DOJ (Department of Justice) came up with some guidelines: FAQS.  Please take some time to look through the report and the types of complaints, remedies and proactive strategies currently being addressed. We can all benefit from being a little more proactive.

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