Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Author Writing Software

First Author Writing Software produced by Don Johnston has tremendous potential. This is a newer piece of software they have produced which focuses on developing writing skills for students with more significant disabilities. Writing and composition is often overlooked and never adequately addressed for many students. For those with more significant disabilities, they may not come to school with the same density of experiences in scribbling, interactions with writing tools and general exploration of using their hands or using other access methods such as switches to engage in beginning composition. This particular software walks you through the stages of writing in a very systematic yet exploratory manner for the student. It is very adaptable and can be used in combination with many other programs. We need to give students regular extended opportunities to develop these skills. This includes ample "scribble" time for written language (letters, words, pictures) to develop. Take a look at this program. They provide a thorough overview on the website.

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