Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Braille Challenge

The Braille Institute holds an annual Braille Challenge each year. Students from across the country of all ages come to compete. This is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce Braille skills which are critical to many who are visually impaired and essential to those who are blind. Technology continues to play a strong role in how people who are visually impaired or blind access their world. That being said, Braille literacy must continue to be taken seriously and is a necessary skill to engage in all aspects of life. Most states have Braille literacy laws in place requiring teams to formally conduct learning media assessments addressing the primary and secondary forms of input and output for students with visual impairment and blindness. Specially, they need to look at Braille instruction.
Here are just a few great resources (many are free):
NFB Story books
Learning braille - RNIB
More Braille Links
NBP Everything Braille - Braille Publications
The Blind Readers' Page
Braille Alphabet Chart For Kids, Pdf's, Flash Cards, Worksheets, Cards, Braille Quiz Numbers & Activities | Braille Alphabet Org
In addition, each state has their own talking book and Braille Library.

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