Thursday, August 29, 2013

Braille Graffiti – More Tactual Art!

Braille graffiti is an interesting concept that is catching on all over. Raised Braille dots combined with other tactual and visual effects make for very unique art which can be displayed and created almost anywhere.  Daniele Bursich has shared some pictures of Braille wall art as well. When we redesign, build or update public spaces, art is always considered as a part of this. As part of this process, we must consider the accessibly of such art to the general population, including those with disabilities. Tactual art allows all people to experience the aesthetic value in a multisensory way. Art involves more than just seeing through our eyes. The world is still designed for the able bodies sighted person. Thinking about everything from a more universal access perspective opens the world up to everyone so much more.

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