Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eye-Gaze Tablet

Crystal King shared this with me. It is an eye-gaze tablet. Eye-gaze technology continues to be refined starting with the Boston College Eagle Eyes and followed buy several other devices using a direct gaze approach: Dynavox EyeMax, TOBII, PRC ECO2 with ECOpoint.

These devices have opened many doors for people with more significant physical disabilities. Communication, language development and everyday social interactions are enhanced through eye-gaze systems. These systems can be more efficient but do not necessarily use less energy. There is a significant fatigue factor associated with eye-gaze. Children and adults using these devices must build-up tolerance slowly. The portability has improved as seen by all of the products mentioned in this post. It will be interesting to see how the tablet technology evolves. We want efficient light-weight devices which do not make people stand-out or form an additional barrier within an interaction. The smaller device can facilitate improved visual regard for others during a conversation and support shared viewing of points of interest without the device becoming a physical barrier in the person's ability to access visually the environment in which they are engaging. The other piece we still must address is battery life. We need to develop systems (all access types) which can recharge based on natural or artificial light.

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