Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Right to Vote while under Guardianship

As we move closer to the election we must continue to put effort towards making sure everyone votes, especially those who may not even realize they have the right to vote. Here is a link to all of the rights and supports for people with disabilities by state: Nonprofit Vote. 

 For our students and adult that we support who may be under guardianship, they still have the right to vote unless it is explicitly taken away by their guardian. Take a look at the information from the Disability Law Center.

Voting and voting rights has to be a part of the content we teach our students and adults who may or may not be under guardianship. We have to work much more closely with guardians to support the informed voter rights of everyone. Informed is key. In order for someone to make a true choice, we have to spend the time teaching what those choices are in a non-partisan fashion. The election directly impacts everyone's future.

Please also consider assisting people in getting to the polls. Everyone must be empowered to exercise their voting rights. Lets work together to get everyone out.

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