Sunday, January 19, 2014

3E Love (Embrace Educate Empower Love Life)

3E Love began in 2004 and has been educating the world ever since. Please follow the link to read their incredible story and legacy. On January 20th in addition to recognizing Martin Luther King, they have asked us to honor this as a day as an International Day of Acceptance as well.  Having a voice is often taken for granted. History shows us what happens to various groups of people who have had their voice silenced. The consequences are horrific and take decades to move beyond.  The consumer movement occurred back in the late eighties into the 90’s. This brought us our people first language which is still not universally used, nor is it a matter of common knowledge. How we refer to each other is a reflection of our underlying beliefs and values. There are many things we can do to honor this day throughout the week. Seeing the person first should be a way of life so that difference becomes a secondary unique characteristic which is a part of who we are but never the sum total of our being. That could never be measured by a list of traits.

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