Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ableism – What we need to think about...

The concept of ableism has been around for some time.  Universal design, laws and advocates have made progress in eliminating all different types of discrimination. We have made progress but the world is still predominantly designed for what we continue to consider the typically abled. It is time to move beyond these perceptions. Believing that we could possibly describe the “typically abled” has to be made problematic...there could be no such thing.  We limit others in our world and even those we have not met yet by our own views and preconceived ideas. Part of making changes has to come with re-evaluating our views and practices which can lead to both intended and unintended consequences, some of which may be unnoticed by us and others. These consequences impact people in ways we may not see, recognize or understand.  Thomas Hehir has written several pieces on this very issue. There is a link to one of his articles below along with some additional resources. Eliminating ableism requires us to address this in schools as part of the embedded curriculum and overall school culture. Inclusive practices must  begin with inclusive thoughts which become a natural part of the way we perceive and view the world.

Stop Ableism: Stop Ableism




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