Friday, July 27, 2012

MOVE - Freedom To Move Program

Students with more complex disabilities need the freedom of movement. This can be challenging at times but an expectation that must be supported. Movement is freedom and can take on many forms. For some it is time outside of equipment, for others it is the support of specialized equipment and for many , it can be time in the water where so many barriers are removed. Movement keeps us healthy, thinking and looking forward. There have been so many innovations in this area. Movement must be an integral part of the content each day. It is not an extra or an add on when we have time. These simple freedoms discussed in this blog are taken for granted by so many. Movement is just one more of those daily activities we think nothing of until it is taken from us or someone we care about. Freedom to Move

Move International


  1. Creativity allows for increased movement and a variety of experiences. Switch-activated scooter boards now give students with significant mobility limitations the opportunity to move independently ( The Litegait creates a safe environment for each child/teen/adult to feel their own weight and explore without fear of falling or support of another individual. ( Just as technology advancements allow increased communication, they create opportunities for increased mobility. Individuals with decreased mobility must have support from teams who are willing to search and attempt new equipment so they can access their freedom of movement.

  2. This can never be emphasized enough. Movement can take many forms including being passive, active and somewhere in-between. It is directly connected to learning, brain development and our ability to understand and interpret the world around. It is an essential component of any school program and has to be given the same level of consideration as content.