Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking & Technology (DO-IT)

I have been following the Washington State DO-IT program for students with disabilities for many years. This is an exemplary program which provides support starting in high school to prepare the students for before they go to college and while they are in college. The website has some amazing videos of the student's accomplishments and how this was made possible. They will help other duplicate a similar program. Many Colleges & Universities have put in place a variety of resources to address these issues. DO-IT takes it a step beyond and began doing so very early. Take a look at their website and consider how we can support our students better right now. In Massachusetts, the Commonwealth dual enrollment program provides a great opportunity for students with and without disabilities to begin taking a course in college in their senior year of high school. What are some of the other options? What should we be doing differently? DO-IT


  1. The ADA should look into Universal Design for all new buildings- full and complete access for individuals with disabilities that does not create segregation. (http://www.washington.edu/doit/Brochures/Programs/equal_access_spaces.html)

  2. Every time the ADA is updated there is a comment period. We need to do a better job of giving feedback to our legislators and those writing the laws before they are proposed as well as providing specific commentary regarding the proposed changes once they are drafted. Many times depending on how big the revisions are, there will be town meetings. For federal laws this will be regional (New England). For State laws it is also regional but done with the State itself. Groups can propose changes to these laws. Working with other organizations can help facilitate this.