Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Boston Song & AAC

Our school was very lucky earlier this year because Sweet Tooth & The Sugar Babies - came and jammed with our students who use a variety of AAC (augmentative & alternative communication) devices. It was an incredible day. These devices are the key to opening up the world and allowing people to have a voice. It is never too early to introduce AAC. Language, communication and socialization are the foundation to everything we do each day. It is just another way to break down barriers. The Boston Song at SSEC - Community School


  1. What an incredible day! What a great experience for all involved.

    1. Mollie,

      You did so much work to make this happen. You go above and beyond all of the time to support the students. The joy this project brought everyone cannot be put into words. Thank-you for everything you do.