Sunday, January 6, 2013

AAC Apps in Multiple Languages

No matter where you live or go to school, multiple languages are present and used each day. There are so many second language learners who also require augmentative and alternative communication supports which allow them to access their native language as well as the second language. Second language acquisition poses a number of challenges for students. For those who may struggle with their first language as well and who may also have expressive language difficulties face unique sets of challenges. AbleVox Apps come in 20 different languages. Here is a list of some of the languages and examples of the boards. Languages

The other piece we must focus on is the fact that AAC users may want to learn a second or even third language as a part of their overall education or life long pursuits. In order for this to occur, we need AAC supports and access methods which can facilitate this. If an AAC user is traveling to another country, they may wish to engage in conversations in that language. Universal language access is needed. It is an area we need to continue to promote and work on.This is also a lower cost app (free or full version for $74.99)

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