Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens or gardens which are accessible are a wonderful addition to a community, school or residence. Gardening and horticulture related activities is quite therapeutic to many. There are a number of ways to make gardens accessible and year round. The Permaculture Research Institute in Australia has some examples of accessible gardens and therapeutic spaces. For people with more complex disabilities, sensory gardens can improve alertness and overall engagement. This is an article about how sensory gardens support play: Rotary Club - India. Here is another example of a sensory garden which also includes a railroad. It is located in Connecticut: Wickham Park. Sensory gardens should allow the visitors to use all of their senses. Adding chimes, music and other items also improves the experiences. These can be changed seasonally. A bird feeder or waterfall make wonderful additions as well. Here is an article from Exceptional Parent magazine.

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  1. Oh my goodness we were just talking today at work how we need to get the horticulture aspect of the vocational team up and running. We should do some good research and make it a complete experience maybe even people in our community would be willing to help. Maybe we could take a roadtrip to the place in COnnecticut to get some good ideas....