Friday, January 18, 2013

More Free Symbols & Resources

Free Symbol Project Update

Here are two resources of free materials on a variety of topics. The materials exchange allows you to download a number of teaching resources and communication displays as PDF file. Materials Exchange

The second resource: Special Education Technology in British Columbia (SET) has a large selection of free activities across a variety of software programs which are accessible to learners who use symbols and may have varied access methods. is important to continue to support the Equality Without Words movement. Symbol accessibility and symbol friendly environments are needed and should be much more available across schools and public facilities. When we do not continue to make our environments and materials symbol accessible, we are isolating so many people and perpetuating the barriers which deny access to everyday events and interactions that each of us do not think twice about as we go about our business each day. Start making the environment you are in much more symbol friendly throughout the building and grounds.



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