Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ABLEVOX Jr. & Something Cool

ABLVOX has come out with a new app – Able Jr. AAC - which also offers extensive multi-language support. There are many different built-in languages as well as customizable symbols and boards. With the diversity of our students continuing to expand, we need to make sure we have the right accessible options available for all ages. Access to language early on is critical and can often contribute to additional delays if not provided early on. Many previously held beliefs added to these delays as we were continuously waiting for children to be “ready” for more language and increasingly complex language systems. These preconceived ideas prevented students from having access to the language and language systems they needed to engage across all environments. Core, high frequency and an appropriate balance of content specific vocabulary is an essential component from day one. Any delay impacts the student’s learning and does such a disservice.

It is essential to remember that language and communication occurs within the context of a social interaction. We need to consistently engage with the student we serve, modeling and using their system with them as they engage with their world. Assume competence, assume capacity for great things….anything is possible as long as we make sure full access exists.  We have to be attentive to never making the technology we use an additional barrier. Life is a shared experience.

Below is just a very cool video shared with me by Crystal. It is exactly the direction we need to continue to move in. We can apply this to anything including AAC. Why not have other students have access to boards & symbols to use with their friends who are AAC users? Why not truly make the world a little more naturally accessible?

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