Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Eye-Gaze Tablet for Windows 8 Pro

Tobii ATI has just introduced a new eye-gaze system which allows the user to access Windows 8 Pro tablets.  The portability features and lowered costs are a plus (even though this is still over $5,150 when all is said and done). A smaller portable system allows greater contact between the person who is an AAC user and the person they are engaging with. Many times equipment can be just as much of a barrier as the inability to use spoken language. Technology opens the door but it is always the human interaction that is essential. This eye-gaze system works with the tablet as is. As our ability to find and create compatible increasingly universally designed components emerges, we will have more options which allow us to mix and match, become more efficient and effective, while improving upon the quality of the daily lives of those who require varied forms of accessible communication and language.  

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  1. These new devices are so important for our students as they go into the community more and more. Systems of the past are bulky and not as friendly to the average public. These newer tablets that are so well understood by everyone and easy to use will make it so much easier for the community to communicate with our students and vice versa. I think this will go a long way to help out students in their community based experiences because their devices won't be as overwhelming to those in the community.