Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free Assistive Technology Training & Resources

Many times as we have spoken of before, we associate assistive technology with high tech and high cost. Other concerns focus on not knowing how to use or even think about using this technology (all levels).  Below are a number of free and low cost resources to consider when offering trainings, providing resources to parents, and when looking to assess student needs. High quality sometimes does not have to equate with high cost and at times and cost at all. Universal design asks us to look at developing accessible materials, instruction and environments from the ground up. Assistive technology is a piece of this but we have to have the right training and information to make this happen. Retrofitting continues to be the more expensive way of making the world more accessible.

Low Cost Ideas!

A great resource which does cost some money is the University of New Hampshire Assistive Technology Program.   Training opportunities for better long term results.



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