Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AAC Month - October 2012

The fifth annual AAC month will happen in October 2012. It is important for us to celebrate accomplishments, successes and progress. At the same time we need to be looking at what has to change for the future. Core words are key. Access to organized and individualized language systems and most of all access to symbols at minimal or no cost. Freedom of speech is held dear by each of us. When you do not have access to core words, and an organized language system that supports true engagement, you are not able to exercise your rights which have been guaranteed you. No one should be able to limit someones freedom of speech by taking away their words, access or charging them money to speak. Please share your thoughts on how to properly celebrate AAC month in October. We need to increase awareness and engage in planning for the future. What will we do differently and what can we do tomorrow to begin? Can anyone really wait to have a voice? isaac - International AAC Awareness Month . This is also a great link for some wonderful information and resources. Please share it.

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