Saturday, August 18, 2012

Core Words & Phrases Lists

We have discussed throughout several posts the importance of core words. Core phrases are equally as important in supporting conversation and more meaningful and sustainable dialog. The combination of these two things will facilitate greater conversational independence across more communicative partners of the person's choosing. Vocabulary and phrases must work together in an efficient manner to minimize fatigue, frustration as well as time in phrase formation and actual conveyance of the message. The flow of the conversation must support a natural exchange with reduced time spacing due to the efficiency of the entire process. Here are some very helpful links. This link Core Words & Phrases has many vocabulary and phrase list you may find helpful. This link Generative Language & AAC,  provides an overview of language acquisition and applies it to AAC users. It has many helpful suggestions. Here is one last resource which includes many resources within it. It is put out by PRC: Developing Expressive Language Through AAC.

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