Thursday, August 9, 2012

How's Your News.....More New Voices

How's Your News is a group of people with disabilities who met at Camp Jabberwocky on Martha's Vineyard. They decided to go on a road trip across country which was documented and made into a movie by HBO. They also had a series on MTV in 2009 for awhile where they interviewed many different people. I have embedded a video of their trip to the previous Republican National Convention in 2004. Here is a news article that was also done highlighting their reporting: Boston Herald.  They are planning on starting their activities again soon. Their voices have been heard by many, often respected and at other times barely tolerated. They are a close group of friends who have stood together to make a difference and show the world how to live your life regardless of different abilities. They are leaders and certainly a part of the New Voices we need to hear.

I am wondering if it is possible for them to go to one or both of the conventions this year? It would be great to have How's Your News there! Especially since one of the candidates is from Massachusetts!


  1. I just heard about this group on last week's (8/5) edition of the NPR show This American Life. Just listening to the podcast, I laughed, cried, and felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for the hardworking individuals in the group. Great news that they're getting the band back together!

    1. It has been hard for them. Two of the original members have passed away. I had the pleasure of having Susan Harrington speak in one of my classes. I wonder if there would ever be a way to have them teach a one credit class which was mandatory for all teachers to take. I feel like having classes like that should be required.