Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paralympic Games - London August 29th-September 9th

The London Olympics has been exciting to watch. Part of the Olympics is coming to an end but another important part is yet to begin. On August 29th, the Paralympics begin! Our students need to be watching! Many schools have included the Olympics as part of the summer curriculum. As we go into the fall, please consider spending equal time on the Paralympics. Our students need to know what is possible and that barriers can be broken down in some of the most amazing ways.


  1. I was watching the Olympics running events and this man caught my attention
    My sister and I were watching this event and thought at first that he would be at an advantage with the "spring in his steps" but they showed more detail of his legs and feet, and they really are no different (except the obvious). The technology available is so great.
    It was an incredible set of races to watch. This man is so confident and you are right, our students should be shown more people like this to know what is possible.

    1. The technology is amazing. The structure of the artificial prosthetics for feet and legs is very interesting to look at and see how it works. I wish all of this was not so expensive. Most insurance will only cover one traditional set and not the specialized versions of some of these prosthetics. I am hoping over time the costs will come down substantially. It would be wonderful for our students to see some of this in person. I know I would love to be at the games. I wish they were advertised more!